Facts About Burglar Bars That You Need To Know

Most burglars enter the home of their victims through their windows. This is because windows are the entrance of the homes that are left unsecured and open. But thanks to the arrival and development burglar bars, things have changed a lot. This is one of the latest developments in the home security industry and it is one of the most sought after security feature that we have today. If you were wondering how the burglar bars were developed and what the benefits of these security items are, read on.

How Burglar Bars Were Developed

Maybe you were wondering how these bars have been developed. Of course, burglar bars were developed to help home owners have peace of mind knowing that their windows are well protected. But how did these burglar bars started? What made the home security industry come up with this type of security feature in the home?

Medalion is a trusted provider of invisible burglar bars too. In fact, it is one of the first companies who have designed a burglar bar that looks more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional burglar bars that were popular before. It all started in 1983 when a lady in New Orleans has too much claims on her insurance so the insurance company decided to drop her. To make sure that her house will still be protected, she decided to go with the traditional burglar bars. Those are the ones that look like jailhouse bars. Sadly, the bars detract from the overall appeal of her home. Additionally, the Homeowner’s Association prohibited the use of such kind of bars in homes. Determined to improve the security of her home, she decided to approach Medallion to create burglar bars that would match the window panes in her home. In short, she wanted burglar bars that would boost the security in her home without affecting her home’s design and appearance. Medalion succeeded in making her burglar bars that are invisible and stylish. Since then, the industry has evolved in producing invisible window guards as well as security screens.

The Benefits of Having Burglar Bars

The burglar bars that Medallion creates are different from traditional bars in a way that it does not interfere with the design and look of the home. Because of this, the home owners can experience lots of amazing benefits when they decide to get burglar bars from this company. One of the most obvious benefits of burglar bars is that these are effective theft deterrent. Since the windows in the ground floor of your home are the easiest target entrance for burglars, the thieves will find it hard to gain entry to your home when you have these bars installed. These bars also help prevent children from falling out or climbing the windows. Lastly, this is also a cost efficient security feature as it will just be a one-time investment so you will not have to pay monthly subscription fees just so you can enjoy its benefits.

If you are planning to reinforce the security in your home, installing burglar bars is the way to go. For the best burglar bars with the highest quality, Medallion is the company to call. Do not hesitate to call and inquire with them!