How To Be More Proactive in Securing Your Home

Today, the cases of robbery and breaking and entering has significantly increased. Because of this, there is an urgent need for each and every home owner to make sure that their home is well secured and their families are well protected. This is the reason why many home owners opt to install a home security alarm system. In this way, the police will be automatically notified once someone has broken into their home. But is installing a security system in your home enough to keep you, your loved ones and your valuables safe and sound?

Always Have A Plan

It is important that you understand how a home security alarm works before you answer this question. Once someone has broken into your home without entering the code in your alarm system, the alarm will go off. Once the alarm goes off, the police will be notified about the intrusion and they will be dispatched right away. The thing that you have to understand is that the police will not automatically be there. It will take time before they would reach your home. In fact, it is estimated that the average response time for the police to get to your home when the alarm goes off is 20 minutes. That is fairly a long time if there is indeed an intruder in your home, right? If that is the case, what should you do while you wait for the police to get there? Are you ready to protect yourself during that time? Well, that is something that you should plan about.

To Confront or Not To Confront?

This is surely the first question that would come to mind when your alarm goes off: should you confront or not confront the intruder? The answer actually depends on your ability to protect yourself. If you are knowledgeable about gun handling or you have undergone a safety course, it would be alright for you to confront the burglar. But if you have no idea or knowledge on how you can protect yourself, it is more recommended that you hide in a “safe room” and wait for the authorities to arrive.

Designating A Safe Room

If you have chosen to hide from the burglar, you have to plan in advance where you are going to hide. In the event that there are multiple members in your family, it would be best that you know where you can keep them safe too. When planning which your safety room should be, you must opt for a room that is far away from windows and doors. Additionally, you should avoid a room with multiple access points. You must also make sure that your safety room has extra locks like deadbolts, chains and many more.  

Final Thoughts

Many people think that bad things will never happen to them. They think that robbery and breaking in happens only to other people and that is the reason why they do not think of what they should once the unfortunate event takes place. When it comes to your home security, please keep in mind that it is always better to be proactive than reactive. While you already have your safety net (a.k.a. your alarm system), it is still important for you to establish a plan of action on how you can protect yourself from potential intruder.