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Medallion custom manufactures and installs the strongest made security storm door in America.  Call us for a free estimate and we will come out with a sample security door for you to see and touch.   The doors have a heavy gauge steel all welded frame.  The hinges we use are the same as the hinges that are on a safe.  They are steel barrel hinges with grease fittings.  The door has a 1/4″ steel pry guard preventing anyone from prying the door open.  The deadbolt locks are twice as thick as your typical deadbolt, and are built for the steel security storm door.  The product that looks like glass is a product called Lexan that our military uses for the windows on the Hum-V’s they deploy around the world.  Please see the video of the sledgehammer hitting the sample door.  We invite you to take your best swing at our door.  The Lexan is virtually unbreakable, and eliminates the need for bars on our door.  We can Custom manufacture this door many ways.  As a single door, as a Door with sidelites, as a French Door, as a door that covers up a sliding door.  Medallion can custom manufacture any size security door and install that door usually within 10 to 14 days.

Medallion Security Door & Window Co., Inc., has been serving the Atlanta Metroplex for 19 years. The security storm door featured in the video has many great qualities—the first of which is that it looks like a regular storm door!

“That was our first goal as a company: We wanted to custom-manufacture and install security storm doors that look like a regular storm door,” says Medallion Security President Bill Hughes. These doors are the strongest security storm doors made in America,” he adds.

These amazing doors are a great investment in your home’s safety and value, offering the peace of mind of superior security, as well as a sleek, modern look to fit any home.

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