Grid Window Guards

Medallion Security founding principles were to do security that did not look like Jail House Bars.  The grid window guard can be installed inside or outside.  They are custom made with 1/2″ solid steel to match existing grid pattern in the window and can be painted any color.  These were first installed for a homeowner in Washington D C who had been broken into three times and was repeatedly told no to security bars by her HOA.  We matched the grids in her existing window and custom made them to fit inside, and the rest is history.  This was the start of the grid window guard/invisible window guard.  Many companies have since copied our style, but we were the first to match the grids.  We are revolutionizing the way people are securing their windows without taking away from the homes value.  Herman Cain of 750 AM radio talks about the GPS all the time,  Guiding Principles of Success, find a Niche in a market that is not being filled and fill it.  This is what we are doing at Medallion Security.  Let us help you secure you windows without putting your family in harms way, and by not taking away from the value of your home.

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