Window/Door Security Screens

Protect your windows from storm damage, and prevent burglary with Galvanized steel security screens.

Medallion Security puts 22 gauge galvanized plate steel with 1/16″ drilled holes that allow air to flow, thus acting like a screen.  The best part is the galvanized plate steel prevents the bad guys from breaking your glass window.  Medallion’s Security Screen doors and window security screens allow you to keep your regular doors and windows open if you want.  That’s right, keep your regular doors and windows open, the Security   door keeps the idiots out of your home, and the galvanized plate steel keeps the bugs out.  When the weather is nice,  and you can leave your window’s and door’s open, think about how much money these doors and windows can save you on your electric bill in the spring and fall?  The Galvanized plate steel also shades and makes it harder for people to see in your home.

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