Invisible Window Guards: Security and Aesthetics Rolled Into One

One of the most common point of entry of burglars to homes is the windows. That is why it is important for more and more home owners to focus on implementing some security measures in this part of the home. Before, one good way that home owners can increase the security in their homes is by installing bars in their windows. The sad part is, the first few window bars that came out of the market is extremely unappealing and make the windows look more like jailhouse bars. Thanks to the development in the home security industry, the appeal of these window bars have changed a lot and the use of invisible window bars have come into the picture. Here are some of the benefits that home owners may enjoy when using this type of window bars:

  • Ease of use
    The installation and detachment of the window bars are very easy. The invisible grilles are created by vertically stringing high tension cables across the frame of your windows. Removing these from your windows would just involve removing the wires from your window frames, making it easy for you to relocate it in other parts of your home.




  • Strength
    One of the best benefits that you can ever enjoy with the use of invisible window grilles is the unbelievable strength of its materials. The steel used in creating such grilles have been recorded to be rust-free for almost two decades. These grilles can also be able to withstand more than 160 kg of force, making it hard for burglars to cut it open or take it out.




  • Safety
    With the use of invisible window bars, you can prevent burglars from entering your home. Most invisible grilles also give you the option to have them connected to any existing security alarm system you have at home which will alert you once there are breach in the grilles from the outside part of your home.



  • Aesthetics
    Safety may be the main goal of a home owner but that does not mean that you should completely throw aesthetics out of the window. Lucky for you, invisible window grilles or bars offer both security and aesthetics. Invisible grilles are manufactured using materials that are not too much of an eyesore. The bars feature a see through effect which allows the person inside the home to enjoy the full view of the outside without having to deal with obstructions brought about by unsightly bars that normal window grilles have. Now, you can enjoy feeling secured while ensuring that your home will look as beautiful as ever.

AAA Security Medallion is one of the leading makers and providers of invisible window guards They offer a wide array of burglar bars which will match the grids of your window or make your windows look like they have grids. The company specializes in delivering security features that are also aesthetically pleasing. They offer you security that looks great and will ensure that your house is as secured and as stylish as possible. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to keep in touch with them.