Medallion Security ATL Storm Doors & Their Properties

Anderson and Larson claim that the glass in their doors won’t break; however, the frame itself is too weak to prevent forced entry. The way that these doors are installed leads to their weakness: The aluminum frame is made in three pieces that attach separately to the door frame, and can be pried open with a crowbar, or even a screwdriver. In contrast, the Medallion Security storm door is constructed with an exceptionally durable steel frame, with all four sides welded together from 1/8” thick, 11-gauge steel tubing that cannot be pried apart.

In addition to its solid steel construction, the Medallion Security storm door features a 1/4″ thick pry guard that surrounds three sides of the frame and provides additional protection against attempts to pry the door open. Tough-wearing barrel hinges with grease fittings are welded on using the same technique used on steel safes. The locking system features a deadbolt that is double the thickness of a regular deadbolt: Unlike a conventional handle and deadbolt, the Medallion Security storm door’s locking system cannot be drilled out or opened with a screwdriver.

As well as its superior frame and locking system, the Medallion Security storm door features 1/4″ thick Lexan that is secured to the steel frame with sturdy carriage bolts. Lexan is an extraordinarily tough material that can withstand extreme force without breaking. (You can see video of a customer demonstrating Lexan’s durability by hitting the Lexan portion of the door with a 3 lb. sledgehammer at

Medallion offers a storm door that puts the homeowner in charge and gives them peace of mind without making the home look like a jailhouse. The doors come in a wide variety of colors with many hardware options, including brass, nickel, antique brass, and dark bronze. They can be customized to fit regular door openings, sliding glass doors, French doors, and doors with sidelights. They look great on the home and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even when the power goes out or the alarm isn’t on!