The Simple Step To Burglar-Proofing Your Garage Door

Today, one of the biggest concerns of homeowners is the security of their home. Many home owners focus on making sure that their gates, front doors and even the back door are always kept secured at all times. For your information, there is one more part of your home that you should pay attention to– your garage door.

The Garage Door Dilemma

Majority of the automatic garage doors have an emergency lever that is designed to be a life saver in cases of fires and other disasters but thieves have found a way to use it to their advantage. A few years back, news about thieves hacking the garage door emergency lever to gain access to homes have been noted to be just a few number of cases. Nowadays, this petty crime has escalated in number. The proximity of the garage door emergency lever is a little quite accessible to sneaky thieves. All they need is a coat hanger and a little dexterity and they’re in.

Their Simple Trick

All it takes is a flexible wire coat hanger. Perpetrators just simply straighten the other end of the hanger while keeping the original hooked shape of the other end. They just slip the hooked end in the gap between the garage door and the frame. After that, they simply target the emergency lever and pull it open. Professional burglars can do all these in a matter of six seconds. They can get inside the house even before a neighbor; a passerby or the homeowner can notice their presence. Give them a few more minutes and they can be able to take something valuable from your house.

An Even Simpler Solution

It’s quite ironic that a safety feature that is meant to be used in case of disasters are being used by these crooks for crime. The good thing is, there is also an easy solution for this– an even simpler solution that can counter their simple trick!

Things You Need:

  1. Nylon Zip Tie
  2. Coat Hanger
  3. Scissors
  4. None


  1. See if there is a hole above the unlock lever and insert the nylon zip tie.
  2. Fasten the zip tie to the emergency unlock lever.
  3. Cut the emergency rope short so that it would be more difficult to get latched onto.
  4. Straighten your coat hanger and try releasing the emergency unlock lever. If you managed to remove it and unlock the garage door, add more zip tie until it is already strong enough.
  5. And you’re done.

The One Question

One question that may probably play on your mind right now is how are you going to open the garage door during an emergency situation? The solution is also quite easy. The zip tie is made of a strong nylon material but also has its limits. The straightened hanger will not be able to trip its durability but when you hang on to the rope and give it a forceful pull or hang your body weight on it, it will surely break and you can be able to open your garage door during emergencies.

Safety and Security

Always put in mind that these safety features can serve its purpose during emergencies but thieves can also use it at their advantage. This is why you must be more vigilant about your home security. Remember to be mindful of your security at all times to minimize, if not totally avoid, the risk of falling victim to these sneaky crooks.