Why Homeowners Should Protect Their Air Conditioner Units With A Cage

In today’s economy, people are willing to do anything they can to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, many of those efforts can be illegal. Some people resort to robbery and burglary in order to make fast cash when they turn around and sell someone else’s belongings. One of these activities can include theft from the home. AAA Medallion Security is well aware of these crimes and we do everything in our power to defend your home and property from becoming a victim of those that would take what doesn’t belong to them.

There are many areas of the home to consider when trying to protect it from thieves, but did you know there is one item that we usually leave out of consideration? That is the fact that your air conditioning unit needs to be protected as well. You may think who would bother with such a thing, and since your unit is bolted to the ground it will be fine. However, there are a few reasons you should protect your A/C unit with a cage, just in case.

Copper Theft Is More Common Than You Think

Thieves target air conditioning units because of their copper content, which can easily be sold to scrap metal buyers who don’t ask questions. In 2016, copper prices have reached $2.00 per pound, making it a great motivator for burglars to find more in different places.

Copper theft is actually more common than you think. From 2006 to 2008, there were approximately 13,000 reported incidents of copper theft. From 2010 to 2012, copper theft cases soared to 32,000 in total. Estimates suggest that stolen copper has been redeemed in excess of $1 billion every year.

The Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioner Theft

There are many great ways to deter thieves and prevent your air conditioning unit from being stolen or destroyed:

  1. Install a cage to protect your unit and prevent it from being a target.
  2. Make your air conditioners inaccessible to thieves by installing fences around your home and removing access ladders on your roof.
  3. Add outdoor lighting to keep the area around your unit well lit and in plain sight.
  4. Install an alarm to chase thieves away.

Why Installing A Cage Is Your Best Choice

Many experts claim that installing a cage is the best way to prevent air conditioner theft. Here are some reasons why:

A cage is better than an alarm.

Using a cage can prevent your unit from ever being a target of theft. Thieves scouting your neighborhood will see that your unit is enclosed in a cage and will simply move on to another, more accessible target.

An alarm can help deter air conditioner theft, but by the time the thief is alerted to the existence of an alarm, damage can already be done to the unit. Additionally, if the unit is located in a secluded area, the alarm won’t do much good. It can take mere minutes for thieves to remove or destroy an A/C unit. By the time someone responds to the alarm, the deed could already have been done.

A cage is cheaper than the alternative.

The cost of a cage is far less than the cost to replace or fix an air conditioner unit. In the time it take for a thief to collect $50-$100 worth of copper from an A/C unit, they could leave you with $2,500 to $4,500 in damages. Since newer air conditioners are now being manufactured using ozone-friendly refrigerants, replacing an older model that has been stolen or damaged would cost thousands of dollars. You would essentially need to replace the entire in-house system with one that is compatible with the newer A/C units.

If you want to ensure that your air conditioning and heating unit is safe and secured from theft, we recommend that you get in touch with AAA Medallion Security Services. We specialize in home security and can help you safeguard your A/C unit and home.