Why You Should Install Quick-Release Bars and Windows

Windows are often a burglar’s favorite entryway into the home, which is why it is so important for homeowners to increase their window security. A growing popular option is quick-release bars and windows, which can be a better choice over traditional burglar bars for many reasons.

Proper Window Security is Effective Against Theft

Every day, about 5,000-8,000 homes in the US experience break-ins, which can lead to property damage, theft, and violent bodily harm to family members. About 30% of the time, the burglar gains access to the home through an open door or window. It only takes about five seconds for a thief to gain access through a window if it is only equipped with a common latch. By installing burglar bars or other other window safety measures, you can greatly improve your home security. It is estimated that a burglar will spend only about one minute trying to break into a house before moving on, and with bars on the windows, these security devices can seriously deter criminals from targeting your home.

Traditional Burglar Bars are Dangerous

Though traditional burglar bars might be effective at stopping break-ins and deterring crime, it is important to note that they are incredibly dangerous. Bars that are attached to the house with no quick-release feature can become problematic in the case of an emergency. Without the ability to open the window from the inside, burglar bars become a liability in the event of a fire where residents must flee their homes.

Many older buildings still have traditional bars in place because they were built before new safety codes were implemented. As reported by the National Fire Incident Reporting System, about 25 people get injured or die from house fires each year because their escape has been blocked by the traditional burglar bars. The use of inaccessible bars on windows can serve as a serious safety hazard, and it should be rectified whenever possible.

Quick-Release Offers Safety and Protection

Installing quick-release features into your windows will not only offer protection against those on the outside, but they also promote safety for those living inside the house as well. With quick-release window guards, you still have the bars and locks to prevent thieves from breaking in, however, residents will be able to easily open their windows in case of a fire or other emergency.

Most local codes now require that window bars have a quick-release feature, so if you have anything installed they will need to comply with the law. These codes require that any anti-theft installations in a bedroom must allow for at least one window to be accessible in case of an emergency. These windows must must not require a key, special knowledge, excessive physical effort or a separate tool to be operated. The idea is that these features should be accessible for both elders and children.

There is no denying that installing quick-release bars and windows in your home is the best way to protect your property and family against criminals. These security features are also the perfect way to ensure your family’s safety against fire and any other emergency. If you want to be sure your quick-release bars and windows are installed properly and meet code requirements, it is best that you work with a company that specializes in home security services like AAA Medallion. This company offers installation and maintenance services for home security gadgets and accessories, including quick-release bars and windows.

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